Dima Welcome To Odyssey

Dima and Fabian have come through with some vx gold for his welcome edit to Odyssey.

I spent some time earlier this year in Frankfurt for one of our upcoming features for Issue 1 where he also killed it. I hit him up quick to see what was good.

Whats really good then homie? Hows Frankfurt life been this summer mane?

I’m good man.

Just been filming this edit with my homie Fabian with the crispy VX, so happy with the final piece. Frankfurts been dope, we visited a lot of cities in Germnay during filming but finally back home with the homies enjoying the rest of my holidays.

You still eating kebab errrydayy?

Hahaha kebab allday, best think in Germany! Cheap and schmecki.

Its safe to say you repping hard with Ciao, what next with you boys?

For real! Ciao is the shit. Reppin all day with the best crew and homies. The next thing is Merlin and Bruno are working on some new shirts dropping hopefully in the next few weeks.