Alex Coleborn Mind Blown

Alex Coleborn has always been one of my favourite ramp riders. Always pushing his progression in riding and doing his own shit. I managed to make it out to Eurocamp and shoot these photos with him while he was filming this joint.

Heres what Alex had to say for himself with a few on the spot questions I hit him with today.

Easy Alex, how does it feel to drop your video?

Yoo, yeah I’m buzzing its finally dropped.

First photo we shot at eurocamp.. 1 bang 720 bar to bar!!

Are you happy with the response its received already?

Yeah the response has been sick so far, glad everyone likes it!

NBD Flair tooth bar… FUCK YOUR LIFE!

Did you ever lose you shit while filming this edit?

Hahaha yeah I had a bunch of slams but was defiantly worth it.

Whats next dude?

I have a few comps coming up, then I guess start filming for the next one.

I asked Alex if he could maybe do anything on this setup, on the last day of filming he decided he wanted to ice it, he then later decided to chuck a bar out on the way down… as you do?