¿Que Pasa Tio? – Fernando Laczko

Interview & Photos: Eisa Bakos

Last winter I was lucky enough to escape dry knees season and make it out to Malaga. Fernando had agreed to show myself, Paul Ryan and co around for the week. I had never met little Nando prior to this but I knew the kid had some swag about him just from watching his Monster ‘Above / Below’ section. These photos were all shot in Malaga and Fernando has now just recently made the move back home to Darmstadt, Germany. A town not far from Frankfurt where Bruno and the Ciao crew kick it.

Lets see what he has to say for himself shall we.

Whats good then?

Laying on my mums bed watching stupid Spanish programmes because of the rain outside.

You get Spanish channel out there?

Nah with my phone on internet, cant deal with German tv yet.

How does it feel to be back home?

Well, after almost 10 years in Malaga I can’t say that it feels like home here. It’s kinda weird thinking that we have no flights back to Malaga, but me, my brother and mum are ready to start building up our lives over here and see what comes from it.

You was only in France a couple weeks ago with your United crew, how was that?

It from a nice trip in a sweet place with a good crew, sometimes I think I know a lot about BMX but then Ian shows me how much I still have to learn and that motivates me even more.

The Frankfurt/Ciao scene is dope, how does it compare to the scene you had in Malaga?

I wouldn’t and I couldn’t compare it, different people with a different lifestyle. I’m stoked to hang out with the crew in FFM because I think it’s good for me and my little brother Toni to see something different but having said that I will still miss my Spanish friends.

Whats the best thing about being in Germany?

The BMX scene, at least what I see in videos and my friend Dima tells me looks amazing. I can’t wait to see people who I didn’t get to see or meet yet while living in Malaga.

Whats the worst thing about being back in Germany? 

From what I know from being here on holidays is that people outside of BMX tend not to be as chilled as you would like, and of course you can’t compare the weather to the Malaga climate, haha!

Are you missing your Latinas?

I don’t know how German girls dress in the summer, but I don’t think there shorts are shorter then the Latinas in Malaga, so yes I will probably miss them.

Tell everyone your snapchat name?

FernandoLaczko but don’t expect to much from me on snapchat haha.