On The Go With Ed Zunda

On The Go With Ed Zunda

– Fooman

So recently I spent three weeks out in Barcelona on holiday, of course I had my bike with me, who goes Barcelona without their bike?? Whilst out in the warmer climates of Barcelona Ed was there too on vacation with his girlfriend who was seeing a friend, which worked out perfect. I hadn’t seen Ed since my trip to Athens with him earlier this year, it snowed and we didn’t ride much and got drunk! Barcelona was much the same except for the snow. To be fair we managed to get a fair few good sessions in on and off the booze!  Normally when meeting up with a spot the photographer (heaviest bag going) is always asked to put extra items in their bag…phones, wallets, sockets, speaker bars the list goes on!! Yeah sure I want to make my bag even heavier than it already is!! Ed is one to bring his own bag and offer to carry other people’s stuff (people please take note) so I thought it would be a cool idea to see what was actually lugged around on a daily street mission with Ed.

Side note! Ed speaks better English than most Brits and will drink you under the table, top guy!



Camera – its always usefull to have it on a trip.


Monster Hat

Speaker and ipod- because music is a big part of me!


Spoke key

Tubes – always good to have one on the road!

Baby powder – been helping me in the crazy heat!