Haro In Puerto Rico

Words and Photos by Matthias Dandois

When your Team Manager sends you an email to ask you if you wanna go on a trip with the best dudes in the world on a paradise Island, you know it’s gonna be a good one! Most of the Haro team went to Puerto Rico to spend some time together, shoot some photos and film for a web edit at the end of November.

With a crew composed of Dennis Enarson, Maxime Charveron, Jason Watts, Mike Gray, Tyler Fernengel, Chad Kerley and the NORA cup team manager Colin Mackay, I knew this was gonna be epic.

Puerto Rico is such a sick place! we were staying in a big old house right by the beach, with an epic Indian ocean cave right down our street. Mike and Tyler would go surf every morning, we were chilling in the hammock in front of the house cracking jokes, swim in the craziest water falls, ride a lil bit in between carribean rain showers…This honestly felt more like a vacation with a bunch of my friends than a BMX trip. There are quite a few spots on the island including a giant concrete bowl with the craziest right side hip, and some cool street spots.

Obviously everyone killed it. Its so crazy to watch these guys ride bikes. More like art than an actual sport. I’m very lucky to be a part of this awesome family and I wanted to take some photos of my friends, so I brought a 35 mm film camera and some came out not so bad, so here you go. Cheers to all the good times on that trip, Thanks to everyone at Haro and Welcome to the team, Chad!