Issac lesser - Build It

Filmed & Edited by Mike King

I have known Isaac personally since I started riding around 8 years ago and the only thing thats changed is his progression in riding. Isaac isn’t your average Joe when it comes to a number of things and his riding definitely reflects that. During this project he has filmed a number of things I didn’t think would be possible at Romford skatepark. This video project filmed by Mike King with the support from Animal UK, Romford Skatepark, Fearless Ramps and EpicTV stands out for me as Isaacs best edit he’s filmed and it wouldn’t of been possible without these people so thank you.

Words & Photos by Eisa Bakos


How long was you filming for?

The whole project took just over a year, but the filming itself took around 8 months.

How long did you originally plan to film for?

We originally planned to have this project wrapped up by the end of august but due to me breaking my ankle we were still filming in December.

What was the scariest thing you done during build it?

Ermm it would be between the whip to wall ride or the bar over the pool, things definitely got a lot more scary after coming back from a broken ankle.

I’ve never seen you freak out so much before baring over the pool, how did you feel before doing that? How about after?

For some reason i had a massive mental block when it came to that, my ankle was feeling pretty shit that day as we had been filming for a few days in a row and i fully had to block out any worries of hurting it again, after I did it there was a massive relief that i didn’t crash.

Whats next for you?

I’m doing a few weeks work at the moment then i’m off to Australia for two months, I don’t really have a plan there, just to see a few friends travel about a bit and escape the English winter, hopefully gunna film a video when I’m over there as well.